Rustic Elegance - Finding the Right Barn for Your Wedding

Designing a southern wedding can be a daunting task, and regardless of whether you are planning the bridal shower, reception, or actual ceremony, finding the perfect setting is one of the first things you think about. With more and more couples looking to break away from traditional venues, barns are quickly emerging as one of the most popular options.

Take a look at some of things you must consider before signing on the dotted line and how one of the top barn wedding venues in the south is setting the standard for what to expect.

1. Amenities

This category can be split into two sections - the venue itself and the services offered. Obviously most barns were not designed with weddings in mind, so it's important to check and see if it has been updated and modernized to accommodate your needs. Look for things like sufficient lighting, access to bathrooms, and whether or not there are outlets available. While the rustic appeal is timeless, you should not have to sacrifice basic comforts to achieve it. As far as services go, if a venue does not provide any onsite, they should at least be able to recommend some options to meet your catering and entertainment needs. Located near Savannah in Waverly, GA, The Horse Stamp Inn takes this a bit further and has working relationships with all of the top local florists, musicians, and photographers to make that part of the planning as easy as possible.

2. Logistics

Everything from the number of attendees to accommodation and transportation fall under this category. What to look for here is a barn wedding venue that provides a feeling of authenticity coupled with a sense of convenience. It needs to be able to accommodate your guests while realizing that most will not be staying the night. The Horse Stamp Inn serves as a perfect example as it provides not only a sense of solitude but also a short commute to many hotels and resorts located in and around the Savannah area. In addition, the flexibility of the property allows it to handle parties of almost any size, including the vehicles of both guests and service staff.

3. Property Features

Almost as important as the barn are the grounds that surround it. The rule of thumb here is that more is better - the more there is to do and see affords greater flexibility when it comes to pictures and areas in which to host the ceremony and reception. In addition, guests are often tempted to explore the surroundings so it is a good idea to inquire as to what is allowed and what isn't. Similar to The Horse Stamp Inn, many venues have fountains, trails, fireplaces, and even ponds onsite with the goal of being explored and appreciated.

Finding a barn wedding venue that captures both the charm and elegance of the south is not easy, but we at Horse Stamp Inn are eager to help you expertly host your upcoming event.

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